Cat. Ref.:HNE971H
EAN No.:3250613349769
ex. GST*:7.415,26 $ / pc.
inc. GST*:8.156,79 $ / pc.

Technical Properties

Electric endurance in number of cycles:1000
Operating temperature:-25 to 70 °C
Rated impulse withstand voltage:8000 V
Number of mechanical operations:4000
Connection cross-sect. rigid cable:2x240mm²
Tightening torque:65Nm
Connection cross-sect. flexible cable:2x240mm²
Rated insulation voltage:800 V
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Rated operational voltage Ue:220/690 V
Number of poles:4 P
Rated current:1000 A
Rated service breaking capacity Ics AC according IEC 60947-2:100 %
Total power loss under IN:186 W
Range of the magnetic adjustment:
0000/10000/10000 A
Number of modules:16

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