Cat. Ref.:ADA925T
EAN No.:3250611011620
ex. GST*:130,50 $ / pc.
inc. GST*:143,55 $ / pc.

Technical Properties

Neutral position:right
Number of protected poles:1
Number of poles:2 P
Type of pole:1P+N
Fixing mode:DIN rail type O
Concurrently switching N-neutral:yes
Compatible with DIN rail mounting:yes
Controls and indicators
With Contact position indicator:no
With fault indicator:yes
Top connection alignement for modular devices:Aligned terminal
Bottom connection alignement for modular devices:Aligned terminal
Main electrical features
Rated operational voltage Ue:230 - 240 V~
Type of supply voltage:AC
Dielectric strength value of power frequency:2 kV
Rated insulation voltage:500 V
Max operating voltage:240 V
Rated impulse withstand voltage:4000 V
Electric current
Rated residual operating current:30 mA
Rated current:25 A
Withstand not tripping on 8-20 μs wave:250 A
Breaking and opening capacity:4500 A
min/maxi threshold value of the AC thermal operation:1,13/1,45 In
Magnetic regulating currrent:5/10 In
Electric current / temperature
Rating current -25°C:28,2 A
Rating current -20°C:27,9 A
Rating current -15°C:27,6 A
Rating current -10°C:27,4 A
Rating current -5°C:27,1 A
Rating current 0°C:26,8 A
Rating current 5°C:26,5 A
Rating current 10°C:26,2 A
Rating current 15°C:25,9 A
Rating current 20°C:25,6 A
Rating current 25°C:25,3 A
Rating current 30°C:25 A
Rating current 35°C:24,8 A
Rating current 40°C:24,5 A
Rating current 45°C:24,3 A
Rating current 50°C:24 A
Rating current 55°C:23,8 A
Rating current 60°C:23,5 A
Rating current 70°C:17 A
Current correction factors
Correction factor of rating current for 2 devices placed side-by-side:1
Correction factor of rating current for 3 devices placed side-by-side:0,95
Correction factor of rating current for 4 and 5 devices placed side-by-side:0,9
Correction factor of rating current for 6 devices placed side-by-side:0,85
Frequency:50 Hz
Total power loss under IN:9,3 W
Power loss per pole at In:5,9 W
Electric endurance in number of cycles:2000
Number of mechanical operations:2000
Depth of installed product:68 mm
Height of installed product:83 mm
Width of installed product:35 mm
Installation, mounting
Type of top connection for modular devices:with screw
Tightening torque:2,1Nm
Type of top rail clip for modular devices:NA
Type of bottom rail clip for modular devices:plastic
Type of Bottom Connection for modular devices:BIconnect + bypass
Top removability for modular devices:no
Bottom removability for modular devices:yes
Suitable for flush-mounting:yes
360° product mounting position:yes
Connection cross-section at output with screw, for flexible conductor:1/16 mm²
Connection cross-section at output with screw, for massive conductor:1/25 mm²
Connection cross-section for rigid conductor, upstream terminals with screws:1/25 mm²
Connection cross-section of the access with screws, with flexible conductor:1/16 mm²
Cage clamp position:in line
Downstream cage clamp delivery status:opened
Upstream cage clamp delivery status:opened
Connection cross-section of input and output with screws, for massive conductors:1/25 mm²
Connection cross section of access and exit with screws, for flexible conductor:1/16 mm²
Nominal tightening torque bottom terminal:2,1 Nm
Nominal tightening torque top terminal:2,1 Nm
Length of conductors used for the heating test (m) according to product standard:1 m
Conductor cross-section used for heating test(mm²) according to product standard:4 mm²
Can be accessorized:yes
Accept terminal cover:no
With transparent product label holder:yes
Standard text:IEC 61009-1, AS/NZS
European directive WEEE:not concerned
Protection index IP:IP20
Use conditions
Degree of pollution according to IEC 60664 / IEC 60947-2:2
Class of energy limitation I²t:3
Altitude:2000 m
Air humidity protection:for all climates
Storage/transport temperature:-25 … 70 °C
Temperature of calibration:30 °C
Ambient air temperature during heating test according to the product standard:23,7 °C
Max. admissible temperature on accessible parts (intended to be touched):58,9 °C
Max. admissible temperature on accessible parts (manual operating means):48,2 °C
Max. admissible temperature on access. parts (not touched for normal operation):84,6 °C
Max. admissible temperature on terminals:78,8 °C
Temp.-rise limits for access. parts (toggle) according to product standard:25 K
Temp.-rise limits for access. parts (not touched) according to product standard:60 K
Temp.rise limits for access. parts (to be touched) according to product standard:40 K
Temperature-rise limits for terminals according to the product standard:65 K
Temperature-rise measured on accessible parts at In (manual operating means):8,2 K
Temperature-rise measured on access. parts at In (not touched normal operation):44,6 K
Temperature-rise measured on accessible parts at In (intended to be touched):18,9 K
Temperature-rise measured on terminals at In:38,8 K

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