RCCB 4P 80A 30mA A

Cat. Ref.:CD481T
EAN No.:3250611644972
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Technical Properties

Neutral position:right
Number of poles:4 P
Fixing mode:DIN rail type O
Controls and indicators
With fault indicator:yes
Main electrical features
Frequency:50 Hz
Electric current
Rated residual operating current:30 mA
Rated current:80 A
Withstand not tripping on 8-20 μs wave:0,25 kA
Breaking and opening capacity:1,5 kA
Rated conditional short-circuit current Inc according to EN 61008-1:6 kA
Electric current / temperature
Rating current -25°C:80 A
Rating current -20°C:80 A
Rating current -15°C:80 A
Rating current -10°C:80 A
Rating current -5°C:80 A
Rating current 0°C:80 A
Rating current 5°C:80 A
Rating current 10°C:80 A
Rating current 15°C:80 A
Rating current 20°C:80 A
Rating current 25°C:80 A
Rating current 30°C:80 A
Rating current 35°C:80 A
Rating current 40°C:80 A
Rating current 45°C:80 A
Rating current 50°C:80 A
Rating current 55°C:80 A
Rating current 60°C:75 A
Rating current 65°C:71 A
Rating current 70°C:59 A
Frequency:50 Hz
Total power loss under IN:19,7 W
Power loss per pole at In:7,4 W
Protected against nuisance tripping:no
Short-time delayed tripping:no
Electric endurance in number of cycles:2000
Number of mechanical operations:4000
Depth of installed product:70 mm
Height of installed product:86 mm
Width of installed product:70 mm
Construction size (DIN 43880):1
Installation, mounting
Type of top rail clip for modular devices:NA
Type of bottom rail clip for modular devices:metallic
Top removability for modular devices:no
Bottom removability for modular devices:no
360° product mounting position:yes
Type of connection:with screw
With interlocking device:yes
Standard text:IEC 61008-1, AS/NZS
European directive WEEE:not concerned
Protection index IP:IP20
Residual current type:A
Use conditions
Operating temperature:-25…40 °C
Degree of pollution according to IEC 60664 / IEC 60947-2:2
Altitude:2000 m
Storage/transport temperature:-55…70 °C