KNX Consumption Indicator

Cat. Ref.:TE332
EAN No.:3250615853318
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Technical Properties

Bus system:KNX
Type of product:Through-feed current
Technical version:with 3 current
transformers (EK028)
Precision class:5%
Tariff switch:yes
  • Recording of the power/consumption data for individual phases
  • Recording of the total power/consumption figures
  • flexible data recording via transformer
  • Partial and total meter per recording
  • Output of voltage and current to the bus
  • Dynamic mode (temporarally increased data transmission)
  • Reset for partial meter per input
  • Total output and total power consumption measurement
  • Power and energy consumption measurement
  • Total and partial meter per input
  • Tariff switching via 1-byte or 1-bit object
  • counter channel LED (1 Wh/pulse)
Controls and indicators
  • 3 Manual operation buttons for channel addressing
  • with illuminated programming button
Bus system radio frequent:no
Bus system LON:no
Bus system Powernet:no
Main electrical features
Frequency:50/60 Hz
Operating voltage:230 V~ +10%/-15%
Operating voltage over bus:21…32 V DC
  • Tariff T1 = 0 V; Tariff T2 = 230 V AC +10%/-15%
  • connection length between T1/T2 maximum 25 m
Electric current
Bus current consumption (data transfer):15 mA
Maximum current of primary:90 A
Maximum current of secondary:48 mA
Idle power measurement:NO
Measurement range of the current (Min, Max):0,2 / 90 A
width of opening:14 mm
Height of opening:14 mm
Diameter of opening:14 mm
Width of rail mounted device (RMD):6 modules
LED control
LED:with control LED per
Conductor cross-section:0,2…2,5 mm²
Type of connection:Convertible
  • with connecting terminal for outside temperature sensor
  • with connecting terminal for remote communication input (only for France)
  • with connecting terminal for tariff input (HT/NT)
  • 3 connecting terminals for current transformers
  • with mains connection terminals
  • with 2 connecting terminals of the reference phases for counter channel 2 and 3
  • with integral bus coupling unit
  • with QuickConnect plug-in terminals
  • bus connection via connecting terminal
Supported configuration modes:system, easy
Type of counter:Energy meter
Certified product:no
General standards:NF EN 60730-1, EN
50491-5-1, EN
50491-5-2, EN 50491-3
  • Class A
Use conditions
Operating temperature:-5…45 °C
Storage/transport temperature:-25…70 °C
Main design line:KNX